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SECU 4 Off Car Systems Documentation#

Configuration API#

A new multi-platform API for ECU programming and monitoring, which will make it easier to handle multiple units, and to integrate across the network with clients written in languages including C#, C++, Python, Java or Go. The Configuration Service provides a modern, cross-platform gRPC interface, and mediates access to the units – via System Monitor – across the network from multiple clients.

Open Streaming Architecture#

A standard, open set of rules and services for streaming telemetry data over a broker. Includes full definition of the Protobuf schema for transmitting messages, along with documentation describing the messages.

Historical Data Storage (Parquet)#

In addition to the ATLAS session formats, a Parquet format will be supported for storing open engineering data directly from the stream or as an export from ATLAS. Parquet is an open-source file format for storing large datasets in an optimized way. Columnar storage allows for fast data processing and good compression rates. Parquet files can be easily accessed using a variety of programming languages and APIs, to allow teams to access their data independent of ATLAS.