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This section is a detailed guide to the Display API.


Have you read the Introduction?

Start there to review the architecture and key concepts.

The Display API is used by third parties to create custom display visualizations.

Custom displays are written in C# using WPF with MVVM, see Required Knowledge

The Display API is published as a NuGet package on GitHub.


A number of tutorials are provided to help explain and demonstrate the features of the Display API

  • Creating a plugin for a custom display from scratch, see Tutorial 1
  • Diagnostic display to explore Display API features, see Tutorial 2
  • Numeric display that supports compare mode, see Tutorial 3
  • Graphical display that demonstrates richer, more real world visualizations, see Tutorial 4
  • Quick to create display that visualizes parameter value changes, see Tutorial 5

Tutorials Setup#

Before completing the tutorials, you'll need to set up a few things.

GitHub Account#

These tutorials use packages and code hosted on GitHub.


You'll need a free account to access them.

Development Environment#

Code Samples#

Clone our Atlas.DisplayAPI.Examples git repo for pre-built versions of the tutorials.

Toolbar Icon#

Create or find an icon for the custom display.


A 16x16 pixel PNG file (preferably in non dark colours)

Detailed explanations of common topics#

The following common topics are explained separately to avoid repetition and to allow for easier reference