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Factories and Services#

The following are the factories and services provided by the Display API

  • ISignalBus
    • Defines a signal bus for application-wide communication
  • IDataRequestSignalFactory
    • Used for creating a data request signal for posting onto the signal bus
  • ISessionService
    • Enumerate parameters within a session
  • ISessionSummaryService
    • Obtain summary information for a session
  • IDisplayParameterService
    • Service to manipulate display parameters
  • ISessionCursorService
    • Programmatic setting of the cursor timestamp for the active session


These factories and services (except IDisplayParameterService) are registered with Autofac (IoC container)

To obtain an instance, inject as a parameter into the View Model constructor

IDisplayParameterService is a display specific service (accessible via DisplayPluginViewModel.ServiceContext property)

The following sections provide further information regarding usage of each.