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Deployment Script#

To aid development efficiency, automatically copy the custom display plugin DLL to ATLAS program files after each successful build.

  • Create a deployment batch file

    • Add a scripts folder under Solution
    • Create deploy.bat file with the following contents
    NET SESSION >nul 2>&1
        IF EXIST "C:\Program Files\McLaren Applied Technologies\ATLAS 10\" (
            xcopy /r /y %1 "C:\Program Files\McLaren Applied Technologies\ATLAS 10"
        ) ELSE (
            echo "No Atlas installation detected - skip deploying"
    ) ELSE (
        echo "This script requires admin privileges - skip deploying"
        exit /b 0
    • Add deploy.bat to scripts folder

    Scripts Folder

  • Add a post build step via project settings

    call "$(SolutionDir)scripts\deploy.bat" "$(TargetDir)$(ProjectName).dll“

    Post Build Step


Special permissions are needed to write to program files, therefore you will need to run Visual Studio as Administrator

Run Visual Studio