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API Limitations#

The Display API currently has the following limitations

  • Missing events
    • Not notified when composite session becomes primary
    • Not notified when compare mode settings change
    • Not notified when parameter order changes
    • Not notified when parameter properties change
  • Missing UI helpers
    • No access to custom converters (e.g. AtlasColorToSolidBrush)
    • No access to custom property editors (e.g. AtlasColor property editor)
    • No access to common context menu (e.g. Parameter Browser, Properties)
    • No support for drag and drop of parameters
  • No assistance with flow control
    • Event driven only
      • Update loop not supported
    • No inflight data request handling (nor throttling)


Some of these limitations (especially around flow control) are overcome within the View Model base classes provided by the Display Plugin Library