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ATLAS Streams API provides infrastructure for streaming data around the ATLAS technology platform.

Using this API, you can: - Subscribe to streams of engineering values - no ATLAS recorder required - Inject parameters and aggregates back into the ATLAS ecosystem - Build up complex processing pipelines that automatically process new sessions as they are generated

With support for Apache Kafka, the streaming API also offers: - Late-join capability - clients can stream from the start of a live session - Replay of historic streams - Fault-tolerant, scalable broker architecture

The full source code of the samples is on GitHub.


You need to install the following Nuget packages from MAT source

  • MAT.OCS.Streaming
  • MAT.OCS.Streaming.Kafka
  • MAT.OCS.Streaming.Mqtt
  • MAT.OCS.Streaming.Codecs.Protobuf