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Design Concept#

The core idea is to provide a backbone for streaming data in and out of the ATLAS ecosystem.

In particular, to perform external processing, simulation or aggregation of data, a process can:

  • be written in any common language
  • run anywhere in the infrastructure (track, factory or cloud)
  • receive decoded data without having to host a full ATLAS recorder
  • describe and generate new parameters or aggregates
  • publish the result to any other streaming process, ATLAS clients or store

Sources could include:

  • ATLAS recorders
  • Simulations
  • Sensors

Sinks could include:

  • ATLAS / SQL Race
  • Live displays
  • Big data streaming frameworks
  • Arbitrary data files

Key Advantages for Developers

  • Few dependencies
  • Easy to insert and export data
  • Easy to integrate with models
  • Standard model to connect distributed systems
  • API designed specifically for streaming data

Key Advantages for System Administrators

  • No multicast
  • Simple configuration to communicate to developers
  • All the complexity is contained in easily-managed services
  • Kafka infrastructure is easy to deploy and scale as needed
  • Will support Kerberos authentication and access control in all components