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Session Identifier Macros#

Session Identifiers (aka names) help you identify recorded sessions.

ATLAS provides formatting macros to fill in parts of the identifier automatically.
You can include them in the identifier when configuring a recorder.


These macros can also be used in Session Details (metadata).

Time Codes#

These codes format the session identifier from the time of recording:

Macro Description
%y Year (Short form - 2 digits: 00 to 99)
%Y Year (Long form - 4 digits: 0000 to 9999)
%m Month (2 digits: 01 to 12)
%d Day of month (2 digits: 01 to 31)
%H Hour (2 digits: 00 to 23)
%M Minute (2 digits: 00 to 59)
%S Second (2 digits: 00 to 59)


%y%m%d%H%M%S = 210730140617 at 2021-07-30 14:06:17 local time

Session Details#

These codes incorporate standard session details (metadata):

Macro Session Detail
%a Car
%c Circuit
%e Engine
%r Driver
%n Session Number
%t Race/Test
%O Unit Data Source (populated automatically)

Parameter Data#

To extract parameter values, use ${param}$, where {param} is the parameter identifier or name.

This is commonly used together with text conversions — to spell out driver initials, for example.


$NDriverInitial1$$NDriverInitial2$$NDriverInitial3$_$NFOMRacingNo$ = HAM_44

If the parameter is not present — for example, while configuration is being processed — the macro will not be expanded.