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Unzip the ECU Bridge file that you downloaded from the portal.

Configuration is located in Config.json, which specifies:

  • Wideband recorder(s)
  • System Monitor directories
  • Kafka connection string

Here is a reference example, for a localhost ADS, Kafka broker and a dependencies service:

  "TestMode": false, 
  "RecorderType": "kafka",
  "ReceiverType": "Wideband",
  "ReceiverSettings": {
    "WidebandReceiver": {
      "Host": "localhost",
      "StreamName": "Default"
  "MetricsSettings": {
    "Enabled": true,
    "Port":  9505 
  "RdaUnlockSettings": {
    "UnlockFileDirectories": "X:\\config\\PUL"
  "RecorderSettings": {
    "PgvSettings": {
      "Path": "X:\\config"
    "ConfigSettings": {
      "Path": "X:\\config\\Cfgs"
    "KafkaSettings": {
      "DependencyUri": "http://localhost:8180/api/dependencies/",
      "BrokerList": "localhost:9092",
      "SessionIdentifier": "Example identifier %r %y%m%d%H%M%S",
      "TopicName": "AllSamples",
      "SessionDetails": {
        "Driver": "$NDriverInitial1$$NDriverInitial2$$NDriverInitial3$"

This is completely independent of ATLAS registry settings, but does still require specific "ECU Bridge" license.

For a detailed configuration reference, consult the readme file included in the zip distribution.

Make sure that your ADS is setup properly:

In ADS Options > Recording > Advanced Data Feed

  • Enable Advanced Data Feed Producer = TRUE
  • = (unique number; NOT 0)
  • = :9092,:9092,:9092

The client ID must be unique to avoid conflicts with other ADS instances. Unless advised otherwise, use the last quad of your FIA-assigned ADS IP address. For example, if your IP address is, then your id would be: 111

Running the application#

Review the Config.json, and edit the paths and service urls to match your environment.

Note: System Monitor settings applied in ATLAS/ADS are ignored

Create the ropic using the Topic Management Service (runs by default on http://localhost:8182). In the sample file above, the output topic is names AllSamples.

To run the application from a command prompt:


Replaying Raw Files#

Modify the configuration file to specify file replay, as follows:

"ReceiverSettings": {
    "FileReceiver": {
      "File": "X:\\data\\races\\Race.ssn_16.raw_tm",
      "PlaybackSpeed": 1,
      "Loop": false

More info can be found on the developer section.