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ATLAS Visualisation#

Visualising streaming data into ATLAS using AAS Recorder.

There is an ATLAS Advanced Streams "AAS recorder" included with ATLAS, which can be configured in Tools > Options > Recorders > AAS Recorder


Configure the Dependencies Service client: - Client type: Service - Dependencies service URI similar to http://localhost:8180/api/dependencies - Adjust the URI to match the host reachable from the client - Include the trailing slash in the URI - Enter dev for the Group name - This is namespacing token. The Streaming Dependencies Service ships pre-configured to whitelist the dev group, but additional groups can be configured

Configure the Kafka settings:

  • Broker list:
    • For a single node, format as: server:9092
    • For a cluster, format as: server1:9092, server2:9092, server:9092
  • Cluster
    • Friendly name for the Kafka Cluster

Press OK to commit your changes. Verify that your

In ATLAS, add an AAS recorder from Session Browser:


The relevant topic should appear in the Recorder Editor's drop down ("sample_in" in this case):