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Reading, Writing and Recording Data with the SQL Race API#

The ATLAS Data layer is provided by the SQL Race API, which provides:

  • Session metadata management — including search
  • Configuration model — which describes available data
  • Data samples, events, errors and lap markers
  • Composite Session management
  • Read ATLAS SSN files
  • Read and Write SSN2 files and shared MS SQL Server telemetry databases
  • Record telemetry from McLaren hardware, simulations, and third-party protocols
    • Monitor and extract the live telemetry
    • Augment the recording with additional data
  • Read data from third-party files
  • Pull data from RTA web services
  • Resampling and Interpolation
  • Statistics
  • Virtual Parameters
  • Functions (C# and FDL, including processor routines)


The ATLAS Automation API also provides data access, but the SQL Race API is more direct and will yield better performance.

Code Samples API Reference


  • Visual Studio 2019 or later
  • .NET 6 or later

Code Samples Index#

  • Searching and loading sessions
  • Loading a live session recording into a shared database
  • Loading multiple sessions together as a composite
  • Loading SSN files and associate sessions
  • Reading and writing events
  • Reading and writing data
  • Calculating lap statistics
  • Adding and reading Markers
  • Embedding the ATLAS Data Server Telemetry (DST) recorder
  • Monitoring live data from the recorder
  • Writing augmented data back into the live session
  • Writing a Session Loader DLL to read a third-party file format (CSV example)
  • Loading a session
  • Reading events
  • Reading data