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Topic Management Service#

Front end to manage Kafka topics.

Apache Kafka uses the concept of named, persistent topics – which can be browsed and configured for the desired data retention and scalability.

The Topic Management Service provides a REST API and a web user interface to set topics up for use with ATLAS Advanced Streams.

Of course, Kafka can be managed with command-line tools, but this service provides a convenient web front-end to create, edit and delete topics.


  • Java 8 x64 or later
  • Kafka 0.11 or later


Run the msi installer that you can find in the released ECU Bridge zipped folder.

MAT Streaming Topic Management Service.msi

If you are managing a Kafka cluster not located on localhost edit the service configuration: C:\Program Files\McLaren Applied Technologies\Streaming Topic Management Service\

Update the dmin-config.bootstrap.servers to match your brokers: - Single node: server:9092 - Kafka cluster: server1:90902,server2:9092,server3:9092

Start the service.


Verify that the Kafka broker(s) are up.

Ensure the Topic Management Service is started.

Visit http://localhost:8182/app and verify that the application is up and running.