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This IDL is used as part of the protocol for downloading data from the REST API.

Each request transfers data in chunks.

Wire format for each chunk (concatenated in a stream):

Field Bytes Data type Description
prefix 4 signed little-endian int length of header
header prefix protobuf ChunkTransferHeader — including packed_length (of the payload)
payload from header protobuf data list


syntax = "proto3";


option csharp_namespace = "MAT.OCS.RTA.Model.Net.Chunks";

// Header for wire transfer of chunks with the 'application/vnd.mat.protobuf+chunked' media type.
message ChunkTransferHeader {

    // Chunk start time (ns since unix epoch) compared to the previous chunk.
    sint64 chunk_start_time_delta = 1;

    // Chunk duration (nanoseconds) compared to the previous chunk duration.
    // Equal-sized chunks will result in all zeros except for the first chunk, but
    // chunks can also be variable size - in which case this will be negative.
    sint64 chunk_duration_delta = 2;

    // Channel ids, if applicable.
    repeated uint32 channel_ids = 3;

    // Compression mode difference compared to the previous chunk.
    // Chunks are usually compressed-alike so in practice should always be zero after the first chunk.
    int32 compression_delta = 4;

    // Uncompressed length of payload.
    // This indicates the buffer size that should be allocated when unpacking the chunk data.
    int32 unpacked_length = 5;

    // Compressed length of payload.
    // This indicates the length of the data following the header on the wire.
    int32 packed_length = 6;


The compression_delta indicates LZ4=1 on the first chunk if it is used (strongly recommended).