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Toolkit Services#

These services provide turn-key implementations for RTA functionality.

Typical use cases:

  • Reduce the work needed to support a custom store, by providing all the session and config management;
  • Provide everything needed to serve data from popular stores like InfluxDB;
  • Off-the-shelf acquisition for high-rate data with low storage costs;

The services are Kubernetes-ready and include specific support for AWS.
They can also be deployed as Windows or Linux binaries on a server or laptop.

RTA Server
Bundles together functionality from the Session Service, Config Service, and Data Service for development and simple deployments.
RTA Session Service
Manages a PostgreSQL database of sessions and provides all the necessary browsing and query interfaces.
RTA Config Service
Manages RTA configuration and provides the necessary retrieval interfaces.
RTA Data Service
Provides compact, high-performance telmetry storage with sample rates from 0.001 Hz to 1 MHz.
RTA Gateway Service
Reverse proxy, typically used in front of the Session Service, Config Service, and Data Services.
RTA Stream Service
WebSocket server for streaming live session updates.
RTA Schema Mapping Service
Repository for mappings between a source schema and the RTA domain model.
RTA Influx Data Service
Data adapter for InfluxDB.

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