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RTA Session Service#

This service is part of the RTA Toolkit Services suite.

It manages a PostgreSQL database of sessions, which are data sets — like files — that can be opened in McLaren ATLAS.

It exposes a gRPC interface to define and manage sessions from your environment, and an outward-facing REST interface to be exposed to users via the Gateway Service.

This service is available as a binary for Windows and Linux, and as a Docker image.



docker run --rm \
  -e "RTA_PostgresConnectionString=Server=mydbhost;Port=5432;Database=postgres;User Id=postgres;Password=hunter2;" \
  -e RTA_PostgresSchema=rta_sessions \
  -p 2650:2650 -p 2651:2651 -p 2652:2652 \

Command Line#

rta-sessionsvc --PostgresConnectionString "Server=mydbhost;Port=5432;Database=postgres;User Id=postgres;Password=hunter2" --PostgresSchema rta_sessions


Unlike RTA Server (rta-server), this service will not automatically create or upgrade the database schema. This ensures that any upgrade is applied in controlled circumstances, and with different credentials if desired.

To configure the database, launch the service with the --InitStoreAndExit=true command line argument in addition to the other arguments or environment variables. The service will run and exit.


This can also be accomplished from Docker by opening a shell on the container and running:

/app/rta-server --InitStoreAndExit=true

assuming that the other configuration is present in environment variables.

Restart any running services after applying the change.


Port Protocol Usage
2650 HTTP Expose to ATLAS via Gateway Service
2651 HTTPS Expose to ATLAS via Gateway Service
2652 gRPC Expose within local environment


Returns 200 OK and reports the software version. In Kubernetes, use this for liveness probes.
HTTP GET /health
Returns 200 OK if the service is up and PostgreSQL is accessible.
In Kubernetes, use this for readiness probes.
HTTP GET /metrics
Prometheus metrics, including the health check status.


Options can be set using both environment variables and command line arguments, or by the provided appsettings.config JSON configuration file.

Environment variables are all prefixed with RTA_, and can be written in ALLCAPS or MixedCase.
For example, PostgresSchema is RTA_POSTGRESSCHEMA or RTA_PostgresSchema.

For Linux and on Kubernetes, also replace : with __.
For example, Category:Item is RTA_CATEGORY__ITEM.

Option Value Required Default
PostgresConnectionString Database connection string yes
PostgresSchema Database schema name no rta_sessions
PostgresConnectionTimeout Time (ms) to wait for a connection no 60000

Init Store#

InitStoreAndExit=true will cause the service to initialize PostgreSQL and exit immediately. This enables the service to be used to setup or upgrade the environment.

Option Value Required
InitStoreAndExit true or false no

See Setup notes, above.

Authentication and Authorization#

These options enable OAuth 2.0 support. This service is intended to run within a private network, behind the Gateway Service, which will forward the Bearer token if present.

Option Value Required
EnableAuth true or false no
Auth:Authority OAuth2 authorization server if EnableAuth=​true
Auth:Audience OAuth2 audience if EnableAuth=​true