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Data Services#

Data Services read samples and events from a telemetry store, and serve them to ATLAS.

The telemetry store could be a database, or a data lake, or an object store, or a set of files...

The service itself can be a simple read-only data adapter. It can extend an existing application, or it could be a standalone service sharing the existing data store. For high performance, it should access the data store as directly as possible rather than proxying a web service.

Services from the toolkit can cover the other key requirements, which are:

Example deployment, with supporting Gateway Service (proxy) and Schema Mapping Service:

The Developer Guide includes a walkthrough demonstrating the process of writing a Data Adapter Service, which can be written from scratch in any framework using the API Specification, or built in ASP.NET Core taking advantage of McLaren's library support.

Development time can be as little as a few hours for a prototype, up to a few weeks for an efficient, production-grade service.

Toolkit Services#

McLaren currently provide two data services in the services toolkit:

RTA Data Service
Read/write storage optimized for RTA, backed by either a file system, or Amazon S3 and DynamoDB.
Cost-efficient and very fast — but provides no data query or summarization capabilities.
Influx Data Service
Data Adapter Service for InfluxDB.