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RTA Stream Service#

This service is part of the RTA Toolkit Services suite.

It provides a WebSocket for streaming session updates so that McLaren ATLAS can display live data.

It reads data from Redis. There is no gRPC interface, and the outward-facing WebSocket interface should be exposed to users either directly or via the Gateway Service.

This service is available as a binary for Windows and Linux, and as a Docker image.



docker run --rm \
  -e RTA_RedisConnectionString=myredishost \
  -p 80:80 -p 443:443 \

Command Line#

rta-streamsvc --RedisConnectionString myredishost


Port Protocol Usage
80 HTTP Expose to ATLAS via the Gateway Service or TLS-enabled ingress
443 HTTPS Expose to ATLAS directly, or via Gateway Service or TLS-enabled ingress


Returns 200 OK and reports the software version. In Kubernetes, use this for liveness probes.
HTTP GET /health
Returns 200 OK if the service is up and Redis is accessible.
In Kubernetes, use this for readiness probes.
HTTP GET /metrics
Prometheus metrics, including the health check status.


Options can be set using both environment variables and command line arguments, or by the provided appsettings.config JSON configuration file.

Environment variables are all prefixed with RTA_, and can be written in ALLCAPS or MixedCase.
For example, Redis​ConnectionString is RTA_REDIS​CONNECTIONSTRING or RTA_Redis​ConnectionString.

For Linux and on Kubernetes, also replace : with __.
For example, Category:Item is RTA_CATEGORY__ITEM.

Option Value Required Default
Redis​ConnectionString Redis connection string yes
RedisDb Redis database id no 0


The trimmer caps the length of Redis streams to limit memory consumption. The TargetStreamLength should be set according to the data rate, data source, Redis instance size, and how long it takes for data to be flushed to storage in the deployment.

Option Value Required Default
EnableTrimmer true or false no true
Trimmer:​TargetStreamLength Target number of entries in each Redis stream no 10000
Trimmer:​Interval Interval (sec) between stream trimming no 30
Trimmer:​ApproxLength Approx trimming (true or false) no false

Authentication and Authorization#

These options enable OAuth 2.0 support.

Option Value Required
EnableAuth true or false no
Auth:Authority OAuth2 authorization server if EnableAuth=​true
Auth:Audience OAuth2 audience if EnableAuth=​true